Mr. Jackson

Madhouse Gym


Welcome to Madhouse. We are a bodybuilding, power lifting and athletic training gym located in Orange, CT – open 24/7 to our members.

Join us and experience the Madhouse difference, with premium, professionally-rated equipment, a noncommercial atmosphere and a badass, like-minded community.

What you won’t find in our gym:

  • – A bland, corporate vibe.
  • – Wait lines for machines.
  • – A ‘Closed’ sign (we’re open 24/7/365).
  • – Generic, old equipment.
  • – Egos and bad attitudes.

Instead, we’ve got top-of-the-line machines, the best trainers in the region and a whole lot of hardworking members who are absolutely killing it.




When you sign up with one of our personal trainers, you can expect a custom plan created for you based on your goals and abilities. We will provide education, guidance, and motivation along your fitness journey. Our goal is to educate our clients on how to exercise safely, while also achieving results. Regardless of your age or fitness level, working with a personal trainer can have a positive effect on your life.

OPEN 24 / 7


Rogue Monster power rack w/ lever arms, Rogue Combo rack, Rogue Monster west side bench press, Rogue Monster squat stand, Rogue yoke, Rogue Donkey, Arsenal Strength Leg press, Powerlift belt squat, Elitefts deluxe Monolift, Elitefts 45 degree back extension, Rogue deadlift platforms w/ band pegs, Hoist chest supported t-bar row, Star trac chest press, Star trac shoulder press, Star trac incline bench press, Star trac preacher bench, Body solid sissy squat, Inflight chest fly/rear delt, 5 Rogue Ohio power bar, 3 Rogue 2.0 Olympic bars, 2 Rogue Ohio deadlift bars, Rogue trap bar, Safety squat bar, Farmer carry bars, Pro style metal dumbbells 5-100, Bumper plates,Rogue deep dish steel plates, Med balls, Slam balls, Wall balls, Battle ropes, Kettlebells, 2 TRX suspension trainers, 1 Jacobs ladder stairway


500 Boston Post Rd #10
Orange Ct 06477
(around back)

Come visit and experience the difference.
Reference the map below or contact us for
more information on our location!


Open 24 hours / 7 Days
(members only)